Chef Anil Goyal : a.k.a.Cheffy

Batch :
Exposure :
34 years
Loves :
Originality of the recipes ,some good fusions are acceptable
Recommends : plan your diet according to the health.

Chef Goyal has been into the trade for over two decades, weather you prefer regional specialties or complicated crafted recipes chef goyal is to offer an experience of your culinary dream.

Aspiring Chef Goyal  started his career in the culinary industry as Kitchen management trainee soon graduated to position of chef de partie . With a wealth of experience and skills attained after many years of intensive training and industry exposure both on national hotels of repute and internationally, he joined PARK PLAZA [NOW PARK PRIME] unit of Dangayach hotels as head of the hotel’s culinary team.  He is now heading the culinary direction of all dangayach hotels including RAMADA JAIPUR ,PARK PRIME  and CHOMU PALACE HOTEL

A specialist in Continental and ASIAN  cuisine, his remarkable dishes are reminiscent of heritage recipes that have been passed through the generations.  He has mastered the use of indigenous Asian spices and herbs in his cooking and is especially skilled in creating local favorites.

Chef Proudly recommends the new age health food ,if the balance is maintained in the ingredients and method of cooking ,one can still enjoy the health food recipes without sacrifice of Taste. The present generation food has to be balanced in nutrition, low cal and off course fast ,this can be obtained in daily routine with little care on choosing the right ingredients and balance the diet.

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